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Thanks for visiting AARP Medicare Diabetic Supplies. If you are an existing member of AARP looking for more information or someone looking to become a member, we have the information for you. Those looking at becoming members of AARP Health Insurance plans and are Medicare-ready, there are a handful of options available to you. This choice will likely be based on your financial situation and health care needs.

To understand, AARP has Medicare Eligible plans. These are like other insurance plans that can pick up certain extra costs Medicare does not cover. For instance, an AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan can cover co-payments and deductible of Medicare approved services not covered by Part A and Part B. With a new plan as an existing Medicare Patient, you can keep your doctors as AARP accepts all that accept Medicare patients. This includes specialists and limits the need to get referrals.

Medicare Advantage & AARP Medicare Complete Plan

With plans like Medicare Advantage, you can extend this coverage and get the most out of Medicare benefits. These fall under AARP Medicare Complete and offer the broadest spectrum of coverage including for those individuals with pre-existing conditions. This does not include end-stage renal disease (ESRD). To be eligible for the AARP Medicare Complete, you have to be entitled to Part A and be paying for Part B through Medicare. Medicare then rolls over to Medicare Advantage. This obviously involves being a member of Medicare Advantage, so you are essentially a member of both, but you use Medicare Advantage when making any transactions with doctors and hospitals.

What diabetic supply costs does Medicare cover?

Medicare diabetic supplies can cover may different items. Specifically if you are using the term Medicare diabetic supplies then you are probably speaking about supplies that a diabetic requires or needs or would like to have which may be covered by Medicare. But if used loosely when you say Medicare diabetic supplies then you could be talking about supplies in general a diabetic might need to make them feel better.

Often when one refers to Medicare diabetic supplies they may also mean Medicare supplies in general as many Medicare diabetic supplies are also supplies covered by Medicare for many different diseases or conditions. These may be hospital beds for the home or oxygen and oxygen equipment or even a walker. This later equipment falls under the heading durable medical equipment which is equipment that can be reused and it also must be used in your home. It is not meant to be used in a temporary nursing facility. But this sort of equipment covered as Medicare diabetic supplies can be used by many people with different conditions.

Now Part B will cover some outpatient medical and surgical supplies which could be listed as Medicare diabetic supplies such as a cast or X-rays. So if it is a diabetic who broke their arm then yes you could use the term Medicare diabetic supplies when talking about the cast on your arm. But again this cast is a Medicare supply that Medicare Part B pays for.

You might consider vaccines as Medicare diabetic supplies and for the most part these are considered supplies such as flu shots. However Medicare does require that all insurance companies who provide Part D coverage pay for all commercially available vaccines when they are medically necessary, unless they are already covered under Part B such as the Flu Vaccine.

If you want to find out more about getting supplies through Medicare or AARP, go to AARP Diabetic Supplies.


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